The Published



to create credibility. Use credibility to generate speaking opportunities.

When you are a published author, doors that you didn't even know existed will fling themselves wide and you will walk through them.

The FIRST STEP: When you DO have a manuscript (or the second step, if you don't).


Oh, you have a manuscript! That's great. Well, it needs to be edited. (And don't tell me your mother edited it, either.)  You need to get your manuscript as nearly error free as possible, and Self-Editing for the Modern Author is the book to help you do that.

The FIRST STEP: When you don't have a manuscript.

The first step to this process is to create a manuscript. You'll want to make it easy; you'll want to pick "low hanging fruit."

My "big" book,The Complete Biography Workbook, helps you to tease out the personal stories that will make up an entertaining memoir or autobiography. The Workbook is available via telephone only, so pick up the phone and give me a call at 941-706-2463. If this isn't the best $50 (plus $11 shipping) you've ever spent, I'll give you your money back, no questions asked! 



It depends.


    "Fellow Toastmasters,  I'm Liz Coursen. I am here to change your life."


The LAST STEP. Now you get to MARKET.


Now things get really fun, now you get out on the road, now—finally—you start to speak in PUBLIC! How're you going to find your audience? How're you going to get speaking engagements? How're you going to be worthy of the speaking fees you'd like to collect?

My award-winning book The Book Tourist tells you everything you need to know about how to organize and implement an effective, efficient book tour.

The NEXT STEP. We need to talk.


Okay, you've got your manuscript and it's as complete and as perfect as you can make it. Great. Call me. We need to talk about your book's final edit. We need to talk about your book design—inside and out. We need to talk about how it's going to be physically distributed: paper book, e-book, or both.

"I'm here to change your life."

    How's that for an opening line?! How many times have you heard someone say that and you really, truly thought that person meant it? Well, I mean it. I can help you change your life. I've certainly changed mine. In just five years I've written five books. I've been traditionally published and I've been self-published. I've organized more than 300 book tour events, for myself and for my clients, all over the country.  What I have done, you can do, too.

    You're a Toastmaster. You like telling stories. Isn't that what we do? And we know how to tell stories well. Why, right now, before you've written your first book, you're a better speaker than 99% of the authors out there! So, let's take the stories you tell, polish 'em up, get them published, and turn them into speaking engagements!