The Published

    "Fellow Toastmasters,  I'm Liz Coursen. I am here to change your life."

Here's Liz Coursen presenting her new program

"The EXPLOSIVE Power of the Published Toastmaster"

for the first time ever, at the Division E, District 48

Toastmasters Training Institute in January 2014.

please click on the button below to download a Free pdf version of the program handout.

Let me give you a hint, though. about getting started: The toughest part of your first book project is finding focus and structure. That's the true value of The Complete Biography Workbook: it gets you started, keeps you going, and carries you over the finish line. if it's not the best 50 bucks you've ever spent, i'll refund your money, no questions asked.
the key thing, you see, is not starting, it's finishing.

You missed the introduction to my program—believe me, there was a formal, typed introduction. if you'd like some pointers on writing an effective introduction, download this free pdf now.